Hand crafted by gretchen tenbrook

About Me

My Background

Several years ago, I learned the skill of mosaic artistry as a meditative practice with two dear friends. Together, we sat around a table crafting images stirring in our souls, piece by piece. It was a time of solitude and community I treasure to this day.

My Medium

I hand nip thousands of pieces of various colors, textures and sizes of glass tile in order to create a customized image of your dog or pet that reflects his or her unique character and one-of-a-kind soul. Then I mold it together with a fitting color and style of grout to result in a unified product. 

My Inspiration

Dogs have been a significant part of my life ever since I can remember, from my grandfather's labradors to the "playgroups" I now shepherd through the forests of local  parks and reservations. Bringing together my love of dogs and mosaic artistry is a gift I take joy in sharing with others.

A Meaningful Mosaic for Your Canine Companion

A dogsaic can be a unique and charming way to celebrate or commemorate the life of your dog or pet. It can also be great gift that will speak to the heart of a friend or family member. Contact Gretchen for options, details and pricing information.


Email me at gretchen.tenbrook@gmail.com